Buyer Services

When you are looking to gain, up to the moment, knowledge of a particular home, the surrounding area & community BUT your timing does not allow a visit to the OBX, the NEXT BEST THING is a CUSTOMIZED VIDEO TOUR, made just for you.

That’s right……once we have talked about your specific expectations, & locate a property that seems to be THE ONE and your schedule does not allow a visit in the short term, I will go out to the home and shoot video just for you. Then, I upload it to YouTube, make it private just for you, and email you the link. Some EXAMPLES of this service are in the side bar to the right, bottom of this page.

Additionally, your educational process is best served by examining the display below. There is much to learn about the Outer Banks Home Market. Will you be renting it out to offset costs/expenses? How does this work? How about community types? Who do I talk to about lending/borrowing services? What level home are you most interested and why? Do the older beach cottages appeal offset the financial comfort you need?

Your time and energy is valuable and resourcing my SERVICE STANDARDS will take the guess work out.

A short Q & A with me will help tremendously! Here’s some sample topics & questions that almost always come up:

What do you need to learn?

What do you need to learn?